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We can come to your town and provide training!

Tactical Training - Law Enforcement and Civilian Training and Certification

Nebraska State Partol Approved Concealed Carry Course

Florida CCW permit training.

NEBRASKA'S FIRST PERMIT ISSUED!  Friday 1/12/07 one of our graduates received the very first permit issued in Nebraska.  The # *****0001 indicates that this was the first permit. The student trained at Nebraska's first Concealed Carry class in December, 2006. We have trained and certified hundreds since then. We have provided civilian and law enforcement handgun training for decades and continue to lead as a recognized source for all aspects of tactical research and training. 

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Nebraska Permit Holders - Renewal is now available online! Please refer to the Nebraska State Patrol webpage for directions,

 Florida CCW Class!
Schedule a private class or a group. Day, Evening and Weekend training available.

Standard class can be completed in one session.


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CONCEALED CARRY?  WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU! Coming soon .... New schedule to include CCW classes in Florida and Nebraska.




Columbus, Nebraska Coming in August

Niobrara, NE Saturday,April 24th email for registration form, dtac.tactical@gmail.com 

we still have 3 openings for  the Niobrara class.


Naples, Florida, TBA (Private class) Contact us to reserve a private class of 5 or more.

 Click Here to get a Columbus registration form and reserve your spot.



Coming To A Town Near You! Contact us to schedule a training session in your area.

For a complete listing please see our Concealed Carry Page.

We can come to your town!

We Also Offer:

Intermediate Tactical Pistol Class, (TBA)

We are looking for hosts for the tactical pistol class! We travel and provide instruction at your location. (All you need to provide is a safe place to shoot. We have everything else.)

Contact us to schedule a class.

This class was developed to build skills for those who have completed the Concealed Carry Class. A fast paced, hands on, experience that can improve your shooting and build better reactions for self defense. Experience comprehensive coaching and guidance during this chance to bring your skills to the next level.


Empty Hand Defense System Class times pending TBA  Must Have - Straight Forward - Effective - Force on Force Self Defense Training - Designed to Supplement CCW Holders as well as unarmed civilians.